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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Florence, Italy; Montepulciano, Italy; Orvieto, Italy; Pisa, Italy; Rome, Italy; Siena, Italy
  • Program Terms: Maymester/Early Summ
  • This program is currently not accepting applications.
Dates / Deadlines:

There are currently no active application cycles for this program.
Fact Sheet:
Scholarship Available: Yes Program Type: Study Abroad
Language of Instruction: English Housing Options: Apartments
Minimum GPA: 2.5 (Undergrad), 3.0 (Graduate) Graduate or Undergraduate: Undergraduate
Education Abroad Programs by College: College of Arts, College of Humanities and Social Science, Interdisciplinary Departments: Art, English, Political Science, Political Science and International Affairs, Psychology
Payable Account Code: 8156
Program Description:
Montepulciano - Italy, Summer Session I

**The application deadline for this program is February 1, 2018**

A $300 application fee is due at the time of application. Please note: You will NOT be considered for this program until you have paid this deposit AND Turned in your medical clearance form AND have made your course selections! Applications are reviewed in order of receipt of application deposit and course selections. 

San Biagio

Program Description

The Montepulciano, Italy Summer Study abroad program allows students an opportunity to take lower and upper division course work in historic Tuscany. Montepulciano is centrally located between Rome and Florence with accessible bus and rail transportation to the rest of Italy. Kennesaw State University has overseen this study abroad program, a consortium among Georgia College & State University, Georgia Southern University,  Georgia Highlands College, and Kennesaw State University, since 2000.

Program Dates

May 17 - June 21, 2018 (these dates are subject to slight change)

Itinerary - Italy I.pdf 

Program Cost

$5,000.00 Cost includes airfare, housing, four dinners per week, program-related field trips including all admissions/museum entry fees, overnight stay in Florence, and insurance.
***Tuition is not included in the program cost.  Tuition is paid separately to your home institution***
***Please note that program fees paid with a credit card are subject to a service fee. This service fee is controlled by the Bursar at Kennesaw State University and is not part of the total program fee. If you would like to avoid this fee, you can pay by web check.***

A $300 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of application. This deposit will be subtracted from your total fee. Payments are broken down into two installments. 

1st installment of $2,350.00 is due March 2, 2018.
2nd installment of $2,350.00 is due March 16, 2018.

Gilman Scholarship 

Gilman Scholarship Deadline: March 6, 2018
Do you meet the eligibility criteriaApply now!

For information about scholarships available for this program please visit our website:


Students share two to four bedroom apartments with other students within the program. Although the apartments are located within the historic walls of Montepulciano--the newest being over 300 years old, they are equipped with modern amenities.


Safety & Security

Faculty members will hold several orientations prior to travelling which will be used to discuss how to prepare for your trip and safety and health advice.

State Department:
Center for Disease Control (CDC):
Health and Safety Additional Information: 
Italy Summer Health and Safety Handout.pdf

Education Abroad Physical Requirement Assessment Form.pdf


Students MUST take TWO courses, for a total of 6 or 7 credit hours. All courses are offered at the undergraduate level and students from participating universities will be registered for courses at their home institution. See below for course listings and descriptions.

You will select ONE of the following morning courses:

Art Survey I: Ancient to Medieval  – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Philip Kiernan, KSU
Art History I is a general survey focusing on the artistic legacy of varied historic cultures of the world--- the paintings sculpture architecture and other creations of selected major western and non -western civilizations from prehistory through the Medieval Period 
to the 1400s. Style, techniques and media are considered as well as the contexts of art production and reception. Art will be situated within the historical and social contexts of each culture and period. The course is structured as a series of temporal an d spatial surveys and comparisons of 
key art monuments created concurrently within different geographical and cultural locations; hence, a global perspective on art history.

Introduction to Human Geography – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Paul McDaniel, KSU

We live in a dynamic world! Introduction to human geography provides students an opportunity to explore global geographic patterns of resources, population, culture, and economic systems and their local level impacts while being immersed in a foreign culture and landscape. We will explore defining concepts in geography by focusing on the stories of real people, global trends and interregional linkages, and contemporary topics that transcend borders, and how these patterns affect the local level. While in Italy, inside and outside of the classroom, we will see how broader concepts occur on the Italian landscape, allowing us to compare and contrast these patterns with our home culture. 

Survey of Philosophy – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Jim Winchester, GCSU
We will discuss ancient and contemporary texts (with an emphasis on Roman and Italian authors such as Cicero, Ficino,Tulia d’Aragona, and some contemporary texts).  We will focus on how these writers can help us think about how to live. This will be a discussion based seminar.

Argumentative Writing:  Cultural Memory in Italy – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Rochelle Harris, KSU
(KSU: WRIT 3160/ ENGL 3350, GCSU: RHET 4950, GSU: TBD, VSU: TBD)

What comes to mind when you think of Italy? The Coliseum? The Vatican? The leaning tower of Pisa? Italy has fifty-one World Heritage Sites—properties, structures, and natural areas that have outstanding universal value to humanity. Sites around the world are being considered as World Heritage sites. In this class, we’ll look at the arguments made about “cultural memory,” and we’ll draw on rhetorical and argumentative theory to examine and make multi-genre arguments about world heritage and the public sphere as we experience Italy’s rich history.

You will select ONE of the following afternoon courses:

Science, Society, and the Environment I – 4 Credit Hours
Instructor: Joe Dirnberger, KSU
(KSU: SCI 1101, GCSU: INST 2950 (elective Area D Core), GSU: TBD, VSU: TBD)

This course is the first in a two-part sequence that fulfills the general education science requirement. This course includes an online lab component. Using Italy’s long history of landscape change, we explore how alterations in the movement of matter and energy lead to environmental problems, and how modern science, its origins centered in Renaissance Italy, understands the consequences of these changes.

Art and Society – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Philip Kiernan, KSU
(KSU: ART 1107, GCSU: ARTS 1110/1105, GSU: TBD, VSU: TBD)
This interactive course is an introduction to the role of visual art in global societies, from antiquity through the present day. I t examines various  media  within  their  social  historical, and  intellectual contexts· explores a variety of art -historical  art -critical, and theoretical issues; and  facilitates  critical an d analytical thinking. It also teaches students how to analyze the basic elements of art and  design and how to visit a museum.      

The Geography of Europe: Perspectives from Italy on the European Union – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Paul McDaniel, KSU

Europe has profoundly shaped our modem world.  In this course we will explore the geography of Europe while immersed in the landscape of  Italy. Course  coverage  encompasses the entire region: its physical setting and environment population and migration, languages and religions cultures, and geopolitical organization within the framework of broader  global processes restructuring  the landscapes  of modem Europe.  Attention  is also given to historic and contemporary  features of the diverse urban environments in which most Europeans live, work  and play. While in Italy we will discuss and observe specific examples of concepts as they occur on the Italian landscape. The textbook used for this class explores the history of the modern European Union. The EU serves as the central framework for the teaching of this course. We will analyze the following thematic components of modern Europe: environment, culture population, economics, and political geography. We will study the various member states of the European Union as well as their neighbors. Students must be familiar with maps in the course thus be able to locate places on the maps of Europe as well as able to interpret various thematic data represented on choropleth maps.

Love, Pleasure, Friendship and the Good Life – 3 Credit Hours
Instructor: Jim Winchester, GCSU
(KSU: PHIL 4490, GCSU: GC2Y or  PHIL 4950, GSU: PHIL 3030s, VSU: TBD)
Reading works of philosophy and literature (including Italian and Roman works—ancient and modern) we will examine how love, pleasure and friendship have been understood and how these things can contribute to a good life.  This will be a discussion based seminar.
Gothic World Literature – 3 Credit Hours 
Instructor: Rochelle Harris, KSU
Don’t open that door! Stay out of the forest! How shall we survive this curse? These risks and more await you in the Gothic World Literatures course. With its use of ghosts, turbulent weather, decaying castles, imperiled heroines, graveyards, and dastardly villains, the gothic has become a recognizable style for writers to convey the tensions of their eras. And, Italy is the ultimate gothic landscape for writers. In this course, we’ll explore different gothic writing from across the globe. And … you’ll get to write your own gothic text.

NOTE: All undergraduate students must have and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to be eligible for this program. If taking this course for graduate credit, students must have and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA to be eligible.

Pre-Departure Orientation Conference

KSU students participating in this education abroad program are required to attend the Education Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation Conference.  This conference is designed to inform students about a variety of critical pre-departure concepts and other important themes, ranging from cross-cultural content to practical safety information all students should know when traveling abroad.

For more information on the PreDOC including registration, please click here.

Application Deadline

Applications are due February 1, 2018

A $300 application fee is due at the time of application. Please note: You will NOT be considered for this program until you have paid this deposit AND have made your course selections! Applications are reviewed in order of receipt of application deposit and course selections. 

Faculty Contact Information

Joe Dirnberger (Academic Director, Biology: KSU)
Office Phone # 470-578-6546

Philip Kiernan (Art and Design:KSU)
Office Phone # 470-578-6139
Paul McDaniel (Geography and Anthropology: KSU)
Office Phone # 470-578-4918

Jim Winchester (Philosophy: GCSU)
Office Phone # 470-445-5513

Rochelle Harris (English: KSU)
Office Phone # 470-578-2244

Administrative Contact Information

Students from participating institutions should meet with the study abroad advisor on their campus for more information.  Students from other institutions should contact the program office at Kennesaw State University for registration assistance:

Georgia College & State University
Jarris Lanham
Ph: 478-445-2368

Georgia Southern University
Danielle Smith
Ph: 912-478-7968

Kennesaw State University
Tara McDuffie
Ph: 470-578-2672

Georgia Highlands College
Bronson Long
Ph: 706-368-7618

Valdosta State University
Irina McClellan
Ph: 229-333-7410

All application deposits are non-refundable, except in the case of:

* Program cancellation by Kennesaw State University
* A wait-listed student who is not added into the program
* A student who has applied to one education abroad program and clearly notifies the Education Abroad Office--in writing and prior to the application deadline--of his/her desire change the application to an alternate KSU program.

Refunds for application fees will be issued in the same form of payment originally used for purchase.  Please be sure to retain all account information used for purchase and notify the Education Abroad Office (EAO) in advance if there is a problem with your account.  The EAO will not be responsible for refunds sent to closed accounts.


Upon registration for the KSU faculty-led education abroad academic course(s), the designated program fee, which is separate from tuition is charged to the student's account. The student has up to one month to pay the program fee in full, following a specific payment schedule. Failure to pay the program fee in full by the stated deadline may result in deletion from the program.

All program fees are non-refundable. In all cases, the student will only receive recoverable fees, subject to the rules/policies of external service providers.  Any such refund will not include the initial application fee and will not be issued until after the education abroad program is completed.


Payment and refund of tuition will follow the normal processes establish by the Offices of the Registrar and Bursar.  Students wishing to withdraw from any study abroad program or course must submit their request in writing through the Education Abroad Office.

This program is currently not accepting applications.